Join Chess Master Lee Miller for afternoons of strategy and critical thinking.  The Chess Club meets Friday afternoons and is open to all students ages 5 and up and community members.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, stimulate imagination, enhance problem-solving skill and promote creativity.

Through movement students will learn:

– about their bodies, the space around them, and each other
– about themselves and begin to see connections with the rest of the world
– balance, coordination, flexibility, and physical strength
– concentration: Creative Movement develops self-control, which generates a greater ability to demonstrate concentration and movement
– self-esteem: As children learn more and develop new skill their self-esteem increases along with their resilience to cope with changing environmentS, situations, and people.
– Students 2 to 7 are invited to participate.


Chase Watterson of the YMCA Soccer Arsenal Leagues comes to MSR for two soccer units each year. Families pay the YMCA for the class.


Teach me Tennis comes to our campus for tennis lessons. We have two sessions a year. Families pay Teach me Tennis directly. Students Elementary age and up are invited to participate. Students receive a tennis lesson and entry into a tournament.


Elementary students attend the YMCA each Friday for units on Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, and either Kickball or Baseball. They are under the instruction of veteran YMCA leaders in these sports.


Our librarian, Ms. Carol James, welcomes all students to visit the library once a week, and the Elementary/Adolescent students have additional opportunities to check out books during the week. We value the experience of holding a book, turning the pages, and experiencing the sensations of reading a physical book. To enhance their thematic studies, younger students have story time in the library once a week.


We offer Spanish classes with Ms. Carolina Wright, a native speaker from Chile. Her bio may be found in the faculty section. She teaches classes for students ages 6 and up.

We offer French classes with Ms. Reine Martinez, a native speaker from Benin, Africa. French is offered to Adolescent students and others as they qualify. Her bio may be found in the Faculty section.


We have an Elementary and Adolescent music teacher, Ms. Angela McRee and a Primary music teacher, Ms. Dagmar Schmitz Carlton. They provide music lessons each week to our students. In addition, we have major music programs throughout the year including International Day, the Holiday Program, May Day, and other holiday events.

R.O.M.E. and the Montessori School of Rome Upper Elementary Students often collaborate and present to the community. Past performances include “Frozen”, “Polar Express”, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. Our school community loves presenting these plays to other area schools each year at the Rome City Auditorium.


We are also pleased to have Samantha and Joe Lester on our music faculty; they began a strings program in the 2015-16 school year. Their bios may be found under the teacher section. Ages 4 and up are invited to take lessons.


Ms. Kyla Cummins Zollitsch provides piano lessons to students during the school day. Parents pay Kyla directly for the lessons. Ages 5 and up are invited to take lessons.

Students 2 to 7 are invited to participate.

A vital music program is important to our commitment to providing a whole child education, and we value the contributions of our talented staff to this endeavor.